Recreational Angling

Whether marine or estuarine, angling is a popular pastime enjoyed by more than a million people across South Africa. While the number of recreational fishers has increased substantially over the past century, catch rates have steadily decreased.

Despite the popular belief that anglers have a lesser impact than commercial fishing industries, the collective impact of the number of anglers has taken its toll on fish populations.

Today anglers can play a critical role in reversing the actions of past generations who did not have the knowledge available today. They can become responsible, aware anglers and ambassadors to ensure a sustainable future for the health of our oceans.

These guidelines present the qualities and principles that every responsible angler should strive for:

-Land the fish quickly
-Keep the fish water if not tagging or taking a photo 
-Use a net when lifting the fish out of the water
-Use circle (barbless) hooks to limit injury
-ALWAYS wet your hands before touching the fish
-ALWAYS minimise air exposure 30 seconds
-Revive and recover the fish before releasing
-Remember, you are handling another living being, be gentle

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