Conservation Success Stories

Conservation Success Stories

Your voice makes a difference for endangered species and important places around the world. Whether we are trying to protect wildlife from extinction or prevent policy changes that would harm our planet or are working to get new initiatives started on the ground to collectively see change happen for our communities, WWF supporters are there every step of the way.


WWF’S FIRST ANNUAL LOBBY DAY80 supporters | March 2017Nearly 80 activists from across the country traveled to Washington, DC to meet with their representatives on Capitol Hill to advocate for international conservation funding.

PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH 2017200,000 supporters | April 2017Over a thousand WWF Activists, staff, and supporters joined 200,000 marchers in Washington, DC and across the country and marched in the fight against climate change.

MEXICO COMMITS TO CRITICAL MEASURES TO SAVE THE VAQUITA236,818 supporters | June 2017Mexico announced its commitment to enforce a permanent ban on gillnets in the Upper Gulf of California. These measures were urgently requested by WWF and 200,000 of its supporters in order to halt the vaquita’s extinction.


US REGULATIONS AROUND CAPTIVE TIGERS COULD PROVIDE A BOOST FOR WILD TIGERS451,000 supporters | April 2016More than 451,000 WWF supporters called on the US government to improve and tighten regulations around captive tigers. The new regulations will make it more difficult for captive-bred tigers to filter into and stimulate the illegal wildlife trade that threatens wild tigers in Asia.

US IVORY REGULATIONS MARK A VICTORY IN THE FIGHT TO SAVE ELEPHANTS1,000,000 supporters | June 2016The United States has finalized new regulations that will help shut down commercial elephant ivory trade within its borders and stop wildlife crime overseas. One million individuals signed a WWF petition in support of these laws proposed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service—making it our most successful petition drive ever in the US.

CELEBRATING TWO YEARS OF ZERO RHINO POACHING IN NEPAL96,140 supporters | May 2016This year, Nepal marked two consecutive years since its last rhino poaching in May of 2014. This exceptional success is a result of a combination of high-level political will and government entities, and the active involvement of conservation communities. Now, more than 645 one-horned rhinos live in Nepal—the highest recorded number in the country so far.


AN END TO DUMPING IN THE GREAT BARRIER REEF563,480 supporters | July 2015Thanks to over half a million WWF Activists, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee put pressure on Australia to deliver on its promise to restore the health of the Great Barrier Reef. Now, a full ban on dumping in the reef’s World Heritage waters is imminent!

PANDA POPULATION GROWS NEARLY 17 PERCENTMillions of supporters | February 2015Wild giant pandas, a global symbol of wildlife conservation, are found only in China’s Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. The rise in the population of wild giant pandas is a victory for conservation and definitely one to celebrate.

NEW US ACTION PLAN TO COMBAT BLACK MARKET FISHING340,000 supporters | June 2015WWF activists demanded the US take a stand against illegal seafood products coming into the market place and the US government responded.


A RALLYING CRY FOR IRRAWADDY DOLPHINS255,596 supporters | September 2014WWF activists demanded a halt to a controversial dam on the Mekong River that threatens the remaining critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphin population.

FARM BILL OFFERS NEW OPPORTUNITIES TO PROTECT AMERICA’S GRASSLANDS30,000 supporters | February 2014After years of hard work, Congress heard us and passed legislation that reinforces the importance of protections for land, water, and wildlife.

VIRUNGA NATIONAL PARK PROTECTED FROM OIL EXPLORATION FOR NOW750,000 supporters | June 2014SOCO International plc announced it won’t drill in Africa’s oldest national park.


STOPPING WILDLIFE CRIME124,054 Supporters | November 2013WWF activists helped convince President Obama through a series of actions, including asking him to set up a task force to address wildlife crime and establish a moratorium on ivory trade that will help end poaching and trafficking.

A PROMISE TO END THAI IVORY TRADE1.2 Million Supporters | March 2013Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra pledged to start a legislative process to end ivory trade in Thailand, which will help stem global wildlife trafficking.

VAQUITAS IN MEXICO PROTECTED FROM GILLNETS38,000 Supporters | June 2013The Mexican government is phasing out drift gillnets used for shrimp fishing in the upper Gulf of California in favor of more selective and vaquita-friendly fishing gear.


ACTION FOR MEXICO’S MARINE TREASURES13,000 Supporters | June 2012Saved Cabo Pulmo National Park—one of Mexico’s great marine treasures—from a proposed resort that would have devastated the marine park and negatively impacted the local community.

FIGHTING FOR TIGERS HERE AT HOME21,647 Supporters | April 2012WWF launched a public campaign to stop the sale of Paseo and Livi brand toilet paper—which are sourced from tiger-sheltering rain forests in Sumatra—in 20 U.S. grocery store chains that sold the most of the brands. Within months, 17 of those chains agreed to stop purchasing the brand.

EARTH HOUR CITY CHALLENGE LAUNCHES5,514 Supporters | 2012WWF activists challenge cities to do more than turn out their lights for Earth Hour.

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