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The more time I spend submerged in the natural world,

the more I understand how vital it is to protect it
Whether it be above or below the waves, the ocean is my place of peace. From surfing, diving to fishing, if I am not in the ocean I sure will be near it. With every underwater adventure I started to gain more and more of an appreciation for a world that before, I barely understood. Unlike the communities of the human world, the natural world is intricately connected. From the arrival of a season which sparks mass migrations, to the giant underwater kelp forests which contribute to the oxygen we breathe… Everything is connected.

Humanity’s entire life support- system depends on the well-being of all species on Earth

We are a part of an ecosystem and if something is removed from the system, it has a major knock-on effect
I quickly realised that my appreciation alone wasn’t enough. To see change, there needs to be an effort made by as many people as possible. We need to learn about, understand and appreciate our planet and all those who call it home, to truly realise just how important it is to look after it. Unfortunately, a large portion of humans who inhabit Earth are not in a position to make the necessary changes due to life just being so damn unfair. That is why it is up to those who CAN make a difference, to make the difference.
Through this website I aim to raise awareness of pressing environmental issues whilst providing some valuable information about the conservation of our planet. I am no academic scientist, nor do I know the ins and outs to saving the world but what I do have is passion and determination for making this planet a better place.
Change doesn’t come easily and it sure doesn’t come quickly. It requires a collective effort of passionate and determined people. No contribution is too small and always remember “the decision of an individual, builds the power of society.”

A snap shot of my life

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