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Plastic pollution is very rapidly suffocating and killing our planet. Our water, air and soil have become toxic and outdoor spaces littered with human trash. Wildlife ingest and get entangled in all sorts of plastic causing them to die a slow and cruel death. Not only are animals negatively effected by plastics. The chemicals which is used to make plastic has been directly linked to the cause of some cancers in humans 

  • Mass production of plastic began in the 1940’s
  • More plastic has been produced in the last 10 years than since the 40’s until the present day…
  • 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year yet only 10% of those plastic items are recycled
  • Petroleum based plastic (non- biodegradable) usually lands up in landfills, where they are buried     and or enters a water source which then carries it into the ocean
  • During the ‘breaking- down’ process, though never biodegrading, plastic releases toxic chemicals which effect the planet’s food, water and air sources
  • Not only do the toxins contaminate plant, animal and ocean life but they also reenter the eco-system and bio- accumulates back into our own diets
  • Plastic pollutants vary in size – micro, meso and macro
  • Micro debris is the most dangerous as well as the smallest. They are no bigger than 2- 5mm in size but often start out as meso or macro plastic products which have been broken down. Filter- feeding organisms feed on these micro plastic and then larger fish feed on the filter-feeding organisms – which we then eat
  • Through the food chain, us humans ingest both the microbial pieces of plastic and the toxic chemicals which the plastics contain
  • Ingesting these terrible chemicals can cause cancer, immune disorder and even birth defects in babies
  • Plastic pollution is taken with the currents and accumulates in the large vortexes known as ‘ocean gyres’ (large system of circulating water)
  • There are 5 plastic gyres – a body of circulating water which suck plastic in and forms a plastic ‘island’


single- use plastic


choose reusables


plastic pollution

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